mud howard

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mud howard is a non-binary trans writer & artist.



Denver, CO



Portland, OR


D. 2015

Bay Area, CA


mud howard (they/them) is a gender non-conforming poet, performer and activist from the states. mud creates work that explores the intimacy and isolation between queer and trans bodies. mud curates pnk prl, an online queer erasure zine, and GLOW, a bi-monthly queer poetry series. they were the first annual youth writing fellow for Transfaith in the summer of 2017. mud is a graduate of the low-res MFA Poetry Program at the IPRC in Portland, Oregon and they were an first year artist-in-residence at the Residency in the Garden. you can find their work in THEM, The Lifted Brow, Black Napkin Press, #TRANS Anthology and Cleaver Magazine. they spend a lot of time scheming both how to survive and not perpetuate toxic masculinity as well as how to creat non-binary inclusive femme spaces. they love to lip sync, show up to the dance party early and paint their mustache turquoise.



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