mud howard

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mud howard is a non-binary trans writer & artist.



Denver, CO



Portland, OR


D. 2015

Bay Area, CA


D. 2018

London, UK

mud howard (they/them) is a gender non-conforming poet, performer and activist from the states. mud creates work that explores the intimacy and isolation between queer and trans bodies. mud is a co-editor of pnk prl, an online queer erasure zine, and a Pushcart Prize nominee. they were the first annual youth writing fellow for Transfaith in the summer of 2017. mud is a graduate of the low-res MFA Poetry Program at the IPRC in Portland, Oregon and they were an first year artist-in-residence at the Residency in the Garden. they are currently wading through an MA in Creative Writing. you can find their work in THEM, The Lifted Brow, Black Napkin Press, #TRANS Anthology and Cleaver Magazine. they spend a lot of time scheming both how to survive and not perpetuate toxic masculinity as well as how to create non-binary inclusive femme spaces. they love to lip sync, show up to the dance party early and paint their mustache turquoise.



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